Workers at Mega Park are concerned about job losses. | Teresa Ayuga


Between 250 and 300 workers at Mega Park in Arenal gathered at Palma town hall yesterday and delivered a letter to the mayor, Antoni Noguera. They were expressing their concern about the possible loss of jobs if the club is closed this summer.

Antonia Rodríguez, who works at Mega Park and has been an employee of the club's owners, the Cursach Group, for 25 years, said that a meeting with Noguera was requested in order to seek clarification as to what is happening with the club. "We want to work and start the season," she stressed, noting that workers have already moved to Majorca for the season. "They have to pay for apartments and do not know what they are going to do."

The Mega Park workers want Noguera to "be aware of the personal drama of losing jobs". They warned of the "devastating" impact on Playa de Palma if the club closes and of the "domino effect" on companies that work with Mega Park either directly or indirectly. They pointed to the fact that some 500 people are employed at Mega Park in the main season and that problems with the club would affect the whole of the Cursach workforce - around 1,700 employees - because of the "enormous dependence" that the group has on the club.

"We don't understand the administrative procedures, but we are conscious of the fact that a bureaucratic interpretation could harm 1,700 people who rely on the company."

The trigger for the problem at Mega Park was a decision last month of the town hall's planning department to refuse an activity licence.