In Ibiza, hosts' earnings were higher than in Palma.


According to a report issued by Airbnb, hosts (i.e. owners of properties) in Palma attracted over 220,000 "guests" in 2017. These guests came from 147 countries. On average, a host earned 6,898 euros for a total of 61 nights during the year.

In Ibiza there were more than 100,000 guests from 124 countries. The average earning was 10,544 euros for 49 nights. At national level, hosts earned an average of 3,572 euros for 38 nights. There were 8.1 million guests.

Coinciding with this report, Airbnb has announced that the launch of an office of sustainable tourism. This is intended to promote local, genuine sustainable tourism in countries and cities across the world. The global director for public policies and communications, Chris Lehane, says that Airbnb is expanding its efforts in economically empowering communities. It is also taking tourism to less-known places and is supporting travel that is respectful of the environment.

With all this in mind, the company has created a tourism advisory council. It will consist of tourism experts from different parts of the world and will assist in moulding the company's vision and activities in the long term. This will be to ensure that Airbnb "continues being a solution for tourist saturation caused by massive travel". One member of this council is the former secretary general of the UN's World Tourism Organisation, Taleb Rifai.