Tolo Cursach leaving prison on Wednesday evening. | EFE/Cati Cladera


Bartolomé Cursach, the so-called King of the Night and head of the Cursach Group which consists of Mega Park, BCM and Tito's, among others, had been in prison since the beginning of March last year. On Wednesday evening at shortly before half nine, he was released on bail of one million euros.

The Provincial Court in Palma had set the bail earlier on Wednesday. Conditions of his release included presenting himself every Monday to a court, a ban on leaving Majorca and the withdrawal of his passport. The one million euros were raised within a matter of hours, representatives of the Cursach Group having presented a cheque for this amount to the court of instruction.

The Provincial Court's decision runs counter to a prosecution service demand that he remained in prison. The prosecution believed that he could skip bail and flee the country. Previous requests for bail had been turned down. The court decided, however, that his detention was not "strictly necessary". The amount of time he has been in prison, the statement read, "mitigates the risks that still remain".

The court also considered that there wouldn't be more harassment of witnesses, which the prosecution argued would be the case. The court noted that the last incident of witness harassment was in October last year.

Cursach faces numerous charges. These include leading a criminal organisation, money laundering, threats and the corruption of minors. He was in court recently to face the first of the charges, one for the illegal possession of a firearm.