Bartolomé Cursach leaving the court yesterday. | Miquel À. Cañellas


Following his release from prison on Wednesday evening, Bartolomé Cursach yesterday morning surrendered his passport to the court of instruction in Palma. This was one of the conditions set out by the Provincial Court when he was granted bail of one million euros on Wednesday.

His visit to the court with his lawyer generated controversy. According to Judge Manuel Penalva, who was the investigating judge for the Cursach case before being removed a few weeks ago, Cursach shouted that he, the judge, was subnormal. He did this three times and in a loud voice. It was heard by the court official who was attending to Cursach and by another court employee. Penalva has formally denounced Cursach and intends pressing for damages because of the insult.

Afterwards, this was categorically denied by Cursach and his lawyer, Fernando Mateas. The four-minute procedure, said the lawyer, was conducted with "absolute normality".