The Nadal Academy will increase in size by around 50%. | Teresa Ayuga


The new Balearic housing law will include provision to allow the expansion of the Rafa Nadal Academy in Manacor. This stems from a meeting on Wednesday at which the Partido Popular presented an amendment to the legislation and received backing from PSOE and Ciudadanos.

The president of the parliamentary committee dealing with the law, Aitor Morrás of Podemos, asked the PP to withdraw the amendment so that it didn't affect the essence of the law. He proposed shifting the amendment to the so-called "broom law", not a law as such but the procedure being adopted to sweep up errors made in other legislation. The PP rejected this.

Following the meeting, Morrás threatened to block the processing of the legislation and not call another meeting needed to move the legislation along. A PSOE member of parliament, Damià Borràs, responded to this by saying that Morrás was obliged to call the meeting. "You know what to do; read the rules."

Borrás added that the argument could have been avoided and that the amendment might not even have been debated. Podemos hadn't initially opposed the PP's amendment, despite the fact that rules don't actually permit amendments not directly related to legislation being processed.

Once again, the inclusion of the amendment has created tensions among the parties in the government "pact". Més believe that it is an example of a la carte urban planning. Joana Aina Campomar explains that Més don't agree with the amendment because it detracts from the key aspects of the law's text.

What the amendment means in practice is that the academy site can be expanded from the current 51,207 square metres to 76,634. The number of accommodation units for sportspeople (seventy) would not increase but that for other guests would do - from 36 to 105.