Playa de Palma, where the British couple were arrested. | Archive


A British couple on holiday in Arenal were arrested on Thursday, charged with the abandonment of minors - their two children.

The management of the hotel where they were staying says that the family had arrived two days before. The parents were always drunk and had been going out and leaving the children. They were told by the hotel security service that what they were doing was illegal. They therefore asked another couple, also British, to look after the children, despite the fact that they didn't know this couple.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, they returned to the hotel. For no apparent reason, the woman attacked one of the couple who had supposedly been looking after the children. Security intervened and notified the National Police. A patrol went to the hotel and arrested the parents. Police found that the "carer" from the other couple was also drunk.

The children are in the care of the police's family and women's unit while the judicial process follows its course.