Fredrik Thomander of Palma Music Studios. | Humphrey Carter


A new dawn has broken in the world of music in Palma with the recent opening of the amazing new Palma Music Studios. The studio is the brainchild of Fredrik Thomander and Johan Lundgren. Fredrik is a Swedish songwriter/producer, who has had numerous hits all over the world for the past two decades. Artists he has worked with include N’Sync, Justin Timberlake, Luis Fonsi, Arashi, Scorpions, Girls Generation, Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA), Kim Wilde and many more.

Johan is passionate about music and had collected over the years high-end analog recording equipment, which has now become the foundation of the equipment at Palma Music Studios. He also happens to be the CEO of easyJet.

And then there is Rene Shades (bass guitarist of Pretty Maids, a well known Danish heavy metal band) who has played with the likes of Deep Purple, Kiss, Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and who also works there in the capacity of producer/engineer and virtuoso musician.

Fredrick said that the whole project was two-and-a-half years in the development and that all of the engineers had to come from the UK.

"We couldn’t find the people here with the expertise and experience with working with such high-end technological equipment, while the construction of the seven recording studios we have is at the very top end of the market. They all have rubber floors, walls and ceilings, for example, to reduce vibrations and also provide the very best acoustics while shutting out all the noise from the world outside.

"Ironically, Johan, who had been a very senior member of the board at Tui, was thinking about retiring here in Majorca and dedicating more time to music and the studio. But he got headhunted by easyJet in the new year and, at the age of 51, thought it was an offer he could not refuse. But whenever he can, he’s here in the studio.

"The design, development and construction on such a small site were complicated to say the least, but the end result is second to none on the island. We’ve already cut our first full album here and had singers from the States, Sweden, Germany and of course Majorca into the studios. That is the mix we are aiming for.

"After having been based in Stockholm for 20 years and spent most of that time travelling the world producing from Tokyo to the States, I got tired, so just over two years ago the family and I moved here. We tried two months in LA but it was not for us. Then Johan and I came up with the idea of setting up a world-class studio.

"Why all the travelling when the singers and musicians can come to us here in wonderful Majorca? We’re in the centre of the city, close to bars, restaurants and hotels. With the great weather, where better place is there to record?

"Should a major band want to hire the whole place, they can. They can pull the shutters down and just get on with their business. We have a kitchen and other facilities, so they can be pretty much isolated. We have the large live room for large groups, two vocal booths and six small studios for mixing, DJs and individual musicians or groups who don’t need the live room.

"The live room is not just for large recording projects. We also intend to start organising live unplugged sessions with musicians which the general public can attend. There is seating for about 30 people. We'll also be shooting music videos. The opportunities and possibilities here are endless and we’ve only just got under way.

"All of the studios are fully equipped with technology and instruments, and as a commercial venture we are able to cater for anyone. As a producer and voice coach, I am on hand to help guide and advise any musicians should they need assistance, but one of our primary aims is to engage with the Majorcan-based musicians. Before I got involved in the studio I had no idea just how much great music and how many talented musicians there are on the island, and we hope to be able to bring them together here at the studios and produce some top-class music.

"We hope that, because of the high quality of the facilities and experience provided, they will walk in and think ‘wow’ and immediately want to up their musical game and feel inspired to produce their very best. The live room is a great working environment because all of the musicians are together, recording live with no dub tracks running in the background. It’s pure and real and the musicians interact, create relationships. This lends itself to producing great music, and we hope this is just the beginning of a musical revolution in Majorca. This is the new church of music and we want to reach out to local and international musicians and we hope that this is going to be the first of many more studios opening on the island.

"Majorca can easily become the new Los Angeles for recording artists and we’ve set the bar as high as we possibly could."

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