The third and fourth floors were badly affected. | Rubén De Hoyos


Residents from a block in the Paseo de Illetes, Cas Català needed to be evacuated when a fire broke out at around quarter to six yesterday morning.

As a precautionary measure, the Majorca Fire Service evacuated the occupants of all 36 flats. Those from the first and second floors and the attic were able to return, but the occupants of the third and fourth floors - 24 flats in all - were unable to.

Calvia town hall arranged for eight people - six adults and two children - to be put up at a nearby hotel. Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez and the councillor for welfare, Mayte Albertí, went to the scene in order to coordinate efforts with local police. Other residents were able to go to families or friends.

Seven fire engines from Calvia, Inca and Llucmajor were used to control the fire. A fridge is believed to have been the source of the fire. Six people needed to be treated for smoke inhalation.