Valtonyc, who faces three and a half years in prison. | Pere Bota


Josep Miquel Arenas, better known as Valtonyc, was given ten days to enter prison by the Audiencia Nacional high court on Monday. The Majorcan rapper was previously sentenced to three and a half years for lyrics which, among other things, insulted the crown and exalted terrorism.

An appeal that was made to the Constitutional Court requesting a writ of amparo (protection of constitutional rights) has been rejected. Having been denied that avenue, his defence is now taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. It is calling for the sentence to be suspended, claiming that there has been a violation of human rights.

If the court in Strasbourg doesn't make a ruling within the given timeframe, Valtonyc will have to enter prison. This is likely to be Palma. His family lives in Majorca.

On learning the Constitutional Court's decision, he took to Twitter and remarked that he has made a note on his agenda (in his diary) to present himself at a prison by 24 May.

The Balearic government, meanwhile, has said that the contents of songs should never lead to a prison sentence. The government spokesperson, Pilar Costa, accepts that there should be a sanction but not one of imprisonment. She observed yesterday that the sentence was "totally disproportionate" and that deprivation of liberty was punishment unfit for "an advanced democracy".