Passengers are all too frequently affected by French air-traffic control actions.

22-05-2018Jaume Morey

Yesterday's general strike by public sector workers in France was supported by air-traffic controllers in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, meaning that flights to and from the Balearics were affected. Delays and cancellations may continue today as a result. At Son Sant Joan Airport in Palma, around 230,000 passengers (arrivals and departures) were forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday.

A total of sixty flights in and out of Palma were cancelled yesterday. Among them were several Ryanair flights to and from various destinations in the UK, Germany and Sweden. Two flights in Minorca were cancelled, but none in Ibiza.

Industrial action by French air-traffic controllers is a constant headache for airlines and for airports. On top of the worries over French strikes, industrial action at the Barcelona control centre is still possible. This is due to start on 21 June.


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The seer / Hace over 3 years

Unions do a great job protecting workers pay and conditions.sick pay holiday pay. Maternity pay to name but a few.. easy for people high end jobs with great pensions to slag off unions. Wirhout unions workers in the lower payed jobs would have no rights.


S. / Hace over 3 years

Last Season Cabin Crew told me that The FROGGIES had gone on strikes SIX times. I detest these ATC people. Every Season, they will continue to strike. The French as a Country should be ashamed of their continuing actions, both past,present, and in the future. Their President does nothing to stop their disgraceful behavior. If you are a French Person in Mallorca, or the UK, keep very very quiet .


Mark / Hace over 3 years

It’s nothing to DO with unions? employees need a voice and protection ! ITS JUST THE FRENCH WHOM NOBODY LIKES fulll time Di...heads ,


George / Hace over 3 years

Unions, unions, unions. Many of you believe they are a body that helps. After studying Industrial Relations i.e. Unionism at University I came to the conclusion that in our 21st Century Europe, they are only a destructive, outdated power, that enjoys large expense accounts and creating mayhem for all. Fights for jobs that are out of date which impedes new jobs being created. Companies suffer huge losses due to Industrial Action, which depletes them of resources to increase salaries, invest in R & D etc which creates more jobs and a healthier company.

I am totally ANTI UNIONS and I wish more of the general public would wake up to the sheer destruction.

Look at industries with no Unionism and see there workforce, they are actually happier as they do not have a Negative Body of a Union, sowing seeds of anger and hate against the employer. If you dislike your job, educate yourself online and find alternative employment. With computers today education in all forms is simple.