The Flaming Shakers, playing Palma this Saturday.


The Flaming Shakers, according to the people of Liverpool and elsewhere across Europe, are considered to be the best Beatles tribute band and they are going to be performing a near two-hour set at the Trui Theatre in Palma this Saturday night.

Nathan, who is originally from Alaro, told the Bulletin yesterday that what the band offers is "a trip back in time, recreating that wonderful music and image, which would impact avid society changes and experimentation".

The Flaming Shakers provide the audience with the opportunity to relive the memories of the swinging '60s and allow new generations to discover just how amazing the music of The Beatles played live was. This tribute is meticulously cared for - image and gestures of the Fab Four, using the same equipment, and wearing the same costumes and the famous Beatles hairstyles - the mop top.

Musically, The Flaming Shakers offer the best show with an extensive catalogue of songs and hits by the Fab Four.

"Israel (John Lennon), Pete (Ringo) and Abel (George Harrison) and myself have been playing music together for the best part of 22 years, but for the past three we have been playing as a 100 per cent Beatles tribute band. But it has not always been that way. We began in Barcelona playing covers of the great beat and rock and roll songs from the '60s - Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, a few Beatles tracks and covers of some of the exciting and fresh sounds emerging from Spain.

"We put a great load of effort into our music and presentation, we loved what we were and are doing and took it extremely seriously. We toured all over Spain and eventually realised that the public really loved our covers of The Beatles songs. Eventually, some five years ago, I said to the guys we needed a change. So, we decided to focus 100 per cent on The Beatles."

In 2015, they went to perform at the Cavern during International Beatle Week Liverpool and were nominated as the Best Revelation Band, a feat they repeated two years later. They have paid frequent trips to the home of The Beatles, they’ve performed live with one of the original Beatles, drummer Pete Best, and one from The Quarrymen.

"We’ve toured all over Europe with our tribute band and the response is always amazing. But playing at the Cavern and in St Peter’s Church, where Paul and John met, were truly wonderful experiences for which there are no words to describe. They were real dreams come true. Plus the recognition from the Liverpool fans is always overwhelming, and that means so much to us.

"We have our fans in Majorca as well and being able to come ‘home’ once a year and play is very emotional. But it’s not easy. We are not using the high technology used today to perform music and visuals. Nearly all of our clothing and equipment is from the era so that we get the sound, the image and the experience just right for the public.

"We have so much respect for The Beatles, their music and what they did, we want to uphold that and the energy and passion we channel into our live shows is immediately picked up on by the public. The set is nearly two hours, 30 songs and The Beatles sounded best live and that is what we strive to do.

"The set covers their musical career in a way, beginning with their early songs and ending with their last, but all are the best played live - the ones which used to and still do drive fans crazy. We try to be as professional as we can in our jobs, we work all week, so that come the weekend we can give the audiences the best experience possible and that is exactly what we are looking forward to do this Saturday in Palma."