A charging system developed by Balearic company Decópolis. | Decópolis


Contained in the Balearic government's transport plan is the possibility of the subsidised purchase of electric bicycles by members of the public.

The outline of the plan for the period 2019 to 2026 was presented last week, and within it there is a series of measures to promote the use of alternative energy sources and electric mobility. There isn't anything specific about the grants for buying electric bikes, but fostering their use is in line with current and planned policies for electric vehicles and a significant increase in the number of charging points.

A government study suggests that at present only two per cent of daily journeys are on a bicycle. The aim is to increase this to nine per cent by 2026. The government also hopes that by encouraging the use of bicycles, electric or not, it can cut the volume of traffic on the roads. Transport and energy minister Marc Pons says that the objective isn't to stop people moving around but is to try and stop them relying on cars.