The end of party boats could be just a few months away. | ESTEVE FRANQUESA


The Balearic government and local councils last year managed to put the cosh on pub crawls, or at least made it so complicated to organise one that it was no longer worth while in doing, and now it has set it sights on sinking party boats.

Under new legalisation being drawn up and expected to come into force before the end of the summer, party boats will only be allowed to operate in waters off saturated tourists resorts such as Magalluf.

They will be banned from entering waters of marine reserves or protected areas of coastline.

Over the past few years there has been virtually no control on party boats but the government considers party boats a threat to the marine environment of the Balearics and therefore their operations are going to be restricted.

What is more, by containing the movements of the party boats, the local authorities and security services will be able to control activities on board.

Last summer, the Guardia Civil maritime force boarded and inspected a number of party boats to make sure that health and safety was in order and that the operators possessed all the necessary paperwork.
The Guardia Civil will be doing the same again this summer.