Central government under pressure to get involved in noise control. | GUARDIA CIVIL


Més are insisting that the national government delegation establishes a system of control for party boats (booze cruises). Within the context of a motion for parliament that will call on the national government to transfer responsibility for the coasts to the regional government, Més want to see the delegation coordinate efforts with town halls in order to stop music being played at volumes above the permitted level.

The Balearic environment ministry has already amended the law on environmental impact assessment with the aim of banning party boats from marine areas of environmental importance. According to Més spokesperson Joana Aina Campomar, however, there is more of this type of activity than ever around all coasts.

The party wants the creation of a committee to study regulatory changes needed in respect of noise pollution from party boats, their inspection and the sanctions issued. The motion, Campomar stresses, would "guarantee a sustainable future for Balearic coasts" and would require "responsible use" by party boat operators.

At town hall level, Palma's councillor for ecology, Neus Truyol, says there have been a dozen or so complaints about noise from party boats since July. These have been in the Arenal and El Molinar areas. She notes that town halls don't have the powers to control the noise and hopes that the authorities which do will arrive at an agreement to tackle the problem.

In Calvia, councillor Rafael Sedano explains that the town hall presented its own motion, which was agreed, for regulating party boat noise pollution. He therefore supports measures being proposed by Més.