Transport and distribution operators, the car-hire sector, and now the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations (CAEB); they are all opposed to government legislation by which new diesel vehicles could not be brought onto the islands from 2025.

The CAEB argues that the ban will make it impossible to meet demand for hire cars and would therefore precipitate a collapse of the tourism industry. The confederation believes that a government objective of shifting to electric cars will be impossible to achieve unless motor manufacturers can make available thousands of "green" cars. A further factor is the business model of vehicle resale that applies to the car-hire sector; the CAEB questions whether this will be possible with electric vehicles.

In its submissions challenging aspects of the government's proposed climate change legislation, the confederation argues that the car-hire sector adds value to tourism, is efficient and is also "environmentally friendly". The CAEB wants a gradual move towards alternative energy for vehicles, such as with the introduction of hybrids.

For the confederation, the government's proposals are potentially unconstitutional in that they would violate the principal of market unity (same rules applying in the various regions of Spain) and would have an immediate impact on the car-hire sector alone.