The Council of Majorca has classified roads in order to assist cyclists. Information posts are to be installed which will, for example, indicate where it is best not to use a bike. It is one initiative among others designed to promote cycling. The Council will be launching a major campaign for this in the next few months.

A map of the island classifies roads in different ways. There are those which are "preferential" for bikes; "service" roads, which are highly recommended; roads that are adapted to cycling but which require precaution; those that are not recommended; ones with segregated bike lanes. The Council will not prohibit cycling but will alert cyclists to possible risks. The map is to be made available for consultation in order to get feedback.

Among roads that are not recommended are those between Manacor and Porreres, Campos and Santanyi and Inca and Manacor. Preferential roads and those that are adapted but which need precaution cover most of the island, including the Tramuntana.

A reason for the Council's approach is to try and cut accident rates. Over the past fifteen years there has been a 500% increase in accidents. There were 33 in 2003 and 159 last year. Over the same period, the total number of traffic accidents has risen from 1,044 to 2,232.

The Council wants to widen bike lanes along main roads, where these exist, from 1.5 to 1.8 metres. Work on the Via Conectora in Palma, for instance, has prevision for this width.