Last Wednesday, the National Police arrested a 36-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man, both partners, for attempted robbery with violence and threats.

The investigation began at the beginning of last month, when an attempt of robbery with violence was reported by an individual who went to the shanty town of Son Banya to apparently purchase drugs.

As he reached the entrance to Son Banya he was approached by two men and a woman, all known drug addicts, and tried to force him to take them in his car to a nearby ATM and withdraw some money fort them.

Given the nervousness and delay of the victim, the assailants eventually fled the scene.
After several inquiries, the National Police managed to identify the perpetrators and proceed with the arrest of two of them, both with police records.

The detainees are known, for trafficking drugs for money between Puerta de San Antonio in the centre of Palma and Son Banya.

The investigations are still open with the police looking to arrest the third party involved who has been identified.