Diesel vehicles are blamed for pollution, but the industry says that new technologies have made them much cleaner. | Jaume Morey


Anfac, the Spanish association of vehicle manufacturers, has denounced Balearic legislation by which it is proposed that no new diesel vehicles will be brought into the Balearics from 2025. The association has taken its complaint to the European Commission and to the Spanish government's council for the unity of markets. The complaint also refers to the planned prohibition of new petrol vehicles from 2035.

The association describes the legislation as arbitrary and disproportionate. It believes that it will cause damage in general economic terms and to dealers in particular, who will be unable to sell diesel vehicles with new technologies. Anfac argues that the Balearic regulations are in breach of European Union rights and Spanish law which guarantees the unity of markets (those across the regions of the country).

According to the association, the prohibition is based on a "supposed" environmental problem, yet it notes that the 2017 air quality report for the Balearics rated this as between "good and excellent". The legislation would be, in its estimation and among other breaches, a "flagrant" flouting of principles of freedom of movement. It wants the European Commission to initiate proceedings for an infringement of the right of the European Union.