The Balearic High Court has overruled opposition to the hotel being built. | Archive


The Council of Majorca has initiated procedures for authorising the building of a five-star hotel by the Puntiró golf course in Palma. The Council didn't want to give authorisation, but the Balearic High Court has rejected the grounds for its opposition.

These were based on the development being on protected land. In order to get round restrictions on building, an authority - the Council in this instance - can declare the project as being in the general interest. The Council had refused to make such a declaration.

The planning commission at the Council started to act on the court's ruling last week and is to give the developers six months to request the licence. If they do not meet this deadline, alternatives procedures will be initiated for the time having run out.

According to the Council, the area has an agricultural interest, but the court took a different view. The land for the hotel is not for farming use but is rustic. The territorial plan for Majorca which is currently in force does not prohibit complementary activities, which means the hotel in this case.