The collapsed road in Escorca. | Facebook


Heavy rain overnight on Thursday into Friday contributed to the collapse of a wall and part of the road along the Caimari-Lluc main road in Escorca. The road was, therefore, closed.

A consequence of this was that yesterday's stage of the Challenge Ciclista Mallorca cycle trophies had to be re-routed from Pollensa to Lluc.

It was the mayor of Escorca, Toni Solivellas, who raised the alarm about the road. He was driving from Inca to Lluc when he noticed something odd. He stopped the car and saw that a section of road had disappeared.

Emergency work to repair the work will, according to Solivellas, take at least a month. The Council of Majorca say that the damage is being evaluated and that it intends to create an alternative for light vehicles.

The road collapse was just one incident as a result of Storm Helena, which brought high winds to the whole of the Balearics yesterday. Gusts were typically up to 70 kilometres per hour, and there was an amber alert for coastal conditions.

At the port in Ibiza yesterday morning, the Abel Matutes ferry collided with the dock, having been pushed by the fierce wind.

Strong winds of some 70 to 90kph are forecast to persist over the weekend, with yellow alerts (at least) in place for wind and for coastal conditions. Hail and possible storms are also forecast.