Seven arrests were made during the operation. | Juan P. Martínez


The Guardia Civil say that people arrested on Friday during another major drugs operation are part of a gang that has been organising illegal immigration. They have arranged for immigrants to make the journey from Algeria in small boats and have also provided false documentation for those who managed to avoid being picked up. Those immigrants have moved on to the mainland, to France and Belgium.

The drugs operation, dubbed 'Janu', was carried out in Palma, Inca and Sa Pobla. The investigation had started towards the end of 2017 when the security forces became aware of a group of Algerians engaged in drug dealing in different parts of Majorca.

Investigators also ascertained that this group could be linked to the movement of illegal immigrants. They have been able to establish that people arrested on Friday were associated with the arrival of five boats in Cabrera and the south of Majorca last September. Those boats, which were intercepted by the Guardia Civil, were carrying sixty immigrants in all.

As well as providing immigrants with false documents, the gang was also offering them mobile phones and accommodation in squats.

Seven people were arrested on Friday. Six addresses were raided. The Guardia seized false documents, 1,000 marijuana plants and various stolen items, such as bikes, televisions and electronic devices.