The flamingo on the runway.


Passengers on board an easyJet flight had to be extra patient on landing in Palma on Sunday after their plane was held up by a flamingo.

The aircraft had to follow the bird as it ambled slowly along the tarmac of Palma airport, completely oblivious to the stir it was causing.

The easyJet plane had only just arrived and was taxiing to its bay when the alert was raised about the flamingo just yards away. While ground staff contacted pilots, the bird simply kept pace with the aircraft, at one stage deciding to fly off itself but then changing its mind.

No damage caused
One of the workers said: “We have a pink flamingo and it’s not a joke, walking around Terminal A.

“An easyJet plane has had to slow down.”

According to the airport, the flamingo caused no problems or damage, but birds at airports can be a real threat and numerous methods are used to control them.

Spanish air traffic controllers tweeted: “A flamingo received passengers arriving at Palma airport this morning.

“Very elegant, walking on the tarmac...”

The flamingo is a frequent winter visitor to Majorca, arriving in late summer and normally departing by April.