Police handout picture of missing Samuel. | R.S.


Sources close to the investigation into allegedly missing five-year-old Samuel Benjamin de Vries revealed yesterday that the young boy from Calvia is living with his mother in Germany.

Apparently, the mother took her son to Germany on November 26 last year and on April 10, was reported missing by the father who lives in Calvia.

Investigators have managed to confirm that the father, who was entitled to shared custody of the child, had been in regular contact with the German mother since they moved off the island.

The Guardia Civil have now contacted Europol in an attempt to locate the young boy and establish if he is well, whether he is going to school and how his style of life is so that the judge handling the case can decided what action to take.

On Thursday, the Interior Ministry went public with the matter that it was dealing with a possible case of parental kidnapping.

The search in Majorca has been stood down and now all the focus is on Germany because it appears that although the father had contact with the mother, he does not know where they are living.