Biel Dols (second right) and other representatives from the nautical sector. | Teresa Ayuga


The association of Mediterranean seafarers, of which all Balearic nautical business associations are members, has accused the regional government of failing to control illegal spills from treatment outfalls and overflow channels and of only focusing attention on anchoring in posidonia sea grass areas.

Speaking at the Real Club Náutico in Palma, the president of the association, Biel Dols, said that it was a contradiction for the government to have passed a decree giving special regulation for anchoring but to have not addressed illegal spills and their impact on posidonia. He added that the environment, agriculture and fisheries ministry has shown total apathy in the face of complaints from the nautical sector. The ministry has not provided information regarding illegal spills.

The decree by which the government introduced strict control over anchoring was not backed up maps of posidonia meadows. Dols explained that it was therefore almost impossible to calculate the destruction or loss of sea grass. This creates "legal insecurity".

There are eleven legal outflows in the Balearics, but the association, noted Dols, is aware of some sixty which are operating with the full knowledge of public authorities.

Dols had further criticism for President Armengol and a lack of dialogue. "She has not wanted to talk to us." He concluded by observing that the authorities want to control anchoring but then look the other way when they have to close beaches because of illegal spills. He was referring to those at Palma beaches, for which the blame lies with the town hall's Emaya agency.