Sant Joan Pelós with a lamb. | Maria Nadal


Tomeu Cifre, back as mayor of Pollensa, has reignited the argument about the use of a lamb for the Corpus Christi celebration (tomorrow).

Cifre has spoken with the rector, Xisco Vicens, and offered a lamb from the family finca. Until last year, the traditional dance of the eagles and of Sant Joan Pelós at Corpus Christi, had featured a lamb in a bag carried by the person playing the Sant Joan character. The parish was advised by the government that using a lamb was in breach of new animal-welfare legislation. The rector, who defended the use of a lamb, accepted in 2018 that it should not be.

It is the town hall rather than the church which would face being sanctioned for a breach of legislation. Cifre, who wants an environment ministry vet to accompany the procession in order to confirm that the lamb does not suffer in any way, says that if there were to be proceedings, the town hall will challenge them. He considers the regulation regarding the lamb to be "absurd" and draws attention to Sant Joan fiestas in Minorca where animals are used without any problem.

The rector has responded to the request by saying that while the legislation is in place, the tradition of the lamb cannot be restored.