Old meters are going; new ones with touchscreens are coming in. | Archive


Tourist information in Manacor is to be available via parking meters in parts of Manacor itself, in Porto Cristo and elsewhere. Said to be a "pioneering" project in Majorca, the scheme has been launched by the SAM municipal services agency and has funding of 611,000 euros, much of this from the tourism ministry's fund for accommodation places.

Out-of-date meters are to be replaced with ones that can provide information on touch screens about, for example, Manacor's heritage and culture. The meters will allow remote payment and free wifi.

There are to be 68 such meters. They will be in Manacor, the Son Macia district and the coastal areas of Cala Morlanda, Cala Murada, Calas de Mallorca, Porto Cristo and S'Illot.

A report from the services agency notes that there has been a significant increase in recent years of holiday rental tourism in what was already a municipality with high tourist numbers. The agency adds that the "classic" provision of information from single places, i.e. tourist information offices with set hours, is no longer sufficient. The need to provide better tourist information service is the reason for the parking meters' project.