Wild goats have been a problem in Andratx for a few years. | Michel's


Wild goats are once more entering estates in Cala Llamp and Camp de Mar in the search for food and water. A problem in past summers, residents say that there are more than ever. In Camp de Mar, forty goats have been wandering along roads and causing traffic problems.

Invasions of wild goats are occurrences in other parts of the island, but in Andratx it is a particular problem in urbanised areas. The town hall is looking at a proposal from Natura Parc for mobile cages to trap goats in five parts of the municipality. At present there is a pen in S'Estret but this isn't sufficient. Llorenç Suau, the councillor for the environment, says that Natura Parc has specific permission from the Council of Majorca to use the cages.

Suau explains that the town hall and Natura Parc will need to have authorisation from property owners in order to position these cages temporarily. They are planned for fincas in Puerto Andratx, Camp de Mar, Sant Elm, Sa Coma and S'Arraco. When they are captured, there will be analysis to see if the animals are free of infection. The town hall wants them to be adopted, but accepts that some will have to be put down.

In Cala Llamp, residents are concerned by the number of goats which are entering gardens and even houses. One resident says that all the garden plants have been eaten; she puts the cost at three thousand euros.

Suau adds that the town hall estimates that up to 1,000 goats may need to be removed this summer. Wild goats constitute a "plague" not just in Andratx but in the whole of the Tramuntana Mountains.