The anti-bullfighting movement will mobilise if the bullfight is allowed to go ahead. | Villar López - V.L. - EFE - EFE


The left-wing political party Actúa has called on Palma town hall to ensure compliance with regulation for bullfights and animal protection.

The party is referring to the so-called “ley de toros” and to preventing the bullfight scheduled for August from going ahead.

Spokesperson for Actúa in Palma, Guillermo Amengual, says that the thirst for blood among bullfight supporters is once more going to take precedence over animal protection.

He considers the bullfight to be torture and death and not some form of art. Bullfight fans, in his opinion, are “sadists”.

The town hall, he believes, has the means to prevent the planned bullfight.

Although the Constitutional Court annulled various articles of Balearic legislation that had been designed to prevent bullfighting, Amengual highlights aspects that are at the town hall’s disposal.

These include anti-doping procedures for bulls and bullfighters, a surgical function at the arena and the withdrawal of a licence to stage bullfights because of under-18s being admitted.

Yesterday, the town hall said that these aspects will be checked and that “all necessary inspections” will be made.

Neus Truyol, until recently the councillor for animal welfare and now responsible for the model of the city, explained that a licence doesn’t have to be asked for but that the bullfight’s promoter must submit a declaration of responsibility.

The town hall hasn’t so far received one. Without it, the event cannot go ahead.
An additional issue is the arena itself.

The head of urban planning, Joan Riera, said yesterday that structural deficiencies that were found a couple of years ago have now been fixed.