Palma's bullring. | J. NICOLAU


The Assaib animal rights association believes that the Coliseo Balear bullring arena in Palma does not meet the necessary physical conditions to comply with Balearic legislation on bullfighting - the so-called “ley de toros”.

Responding to the announcement that a bullfight has been scheduled for next month, Assaib questions whether the arena can comply with requirements for health assistance during a bullfight.

The legislation stipulates that there needs to be a surgical area and a sickbay, while it also requires accessibility for people with reduced mobility; the association believes that the arena has none of these. Moreover, Assaib is certain that the arena will breach regulations banning alcohol and entrance to minors.

The association stresses that it is doing all it can to prevent the death of any more bulls in Majorca.

It is therefore wanting to ensure that the bullfight, which is due to take place on the ninth of August, does not go ahead.

If it cannot, protests against the bullfight will be staged.