Tribute to the two Guardia Civil officers in Palmanova. | Pilar Pellicer


The tenth anniversary of the terrorist bomb that claimed the lives of two Guardia Civil officers was commemorated on Tuesday.

It was ten minutes to two on the afternoon of the thirtieth of July, 2009, when a bomb planted by the ETA terrorist organisation exploded under the patrol car that officers Diego Salvá and Carlos Sáenz de Tejeda were about to use. The two officers were the victims of the last fatal attack committed by ETA.

The bomb exploded outside the Guardia's barracks in Palmanova. The commemorative act took place yesterday on the street that has been renamed after Diego Salvá. He was from Majorca; Carlos Sáenz was from Burgos and had only been in Majorca for six months.

President Armengol was among dignitaries who attended the Palmanova commemoration. The mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, said that it was impossible to forget the two officers. "They did not die, they were murdered."

Alejandro Hernández, the colonel-in-chief of the Guardia Civil in the Balearics, observed that the force is still affected by the events from ten years ago and noted that the perpetrators have not been found. The security forces in Spain are continuing their investigations; all lines of investigation remain open.

Diego Salvá's father, Antonio, expressed his gratitude for the tribute and for the support and sensitivity shown not just in Palmanova but across the whole of Majorca. He added that the association of victims of terrorism is maintaining its fight for the murders to be recognised as crimes against humanity.

Elsewhere in Majorca, work at the Balearic parliament came to a halt for a minute's silence observed outside the main doors to the parliament building.