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Left-wing separatist party EH Bildu celebrate results in regional Basque Country elections, in Bilbao

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Spain's Basque Country regional vote yields likely repeat of incumbent coalition

The Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and EH Bildu ("Basque Country Unite") both earned 27 seats, falling well short of the 38 needed for a majority in the regional parliament.

MDB Digital22/04/2024 12:30

Tribute to Guardia Civil officers in Palmanova.


Majorca remembers Guardia officers murdered by ETA

The ETA bomb in Palmanova exploded on the afternoon of the thirtieth of July, 2009.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter31/07/2019 04:01

Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido with the mother of one of the Guardia Civil officers who was murdered by ETA.


Homage paid to murdered Guardia Civil officers

The interior minister laid a wreath in memory of the officers who were killed by a bomb in their patrol vehicle.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter17/05/2018 00:00