Different types of holiday rental accomodation available. | R.L.


Alternative forms of holiday rental accommodation in Majorca continue to appear on Airbnb. They include tents, camper vans and boats. None of them are legal. Firstly, they are not specified as holiday rental accommodation under Balearic legislation. Secondly, and obviously enough, they don't have the necessary tourism ministry licence.

Airbnb has a tent not far from the airport which is available for 26 euros a night, can accommodate two people and has a shared bathroom. A camper van, which appears to be permanently parked, can be booked for 45 euros a night. Availability is limited; there are reservations up to the end of September. In the case of boats that are solely being advertised as accommodation, this is not a new situation.

Airbnb has been fined 300,000 euros by the Balearic government for permitting accommodation to be advertised without a licence. The fine has yet to be paid, and the government has started proceedings to obtain the payment. A fine for the same amount that was issued to TripAdvisor has been paid. The Council of Ibiza has also fined Airbnb - the maximum 400,000 euros.