Iman and Stan in Palmanova

Iman and her boyfriend Stan in Palmanova.

15-08-2019Iman Barlow

It has been reported in the Sun newspaper that a British female kickboxer nicknamed "Pretty Killer" fought off a pair of Spanish muggers attacking an English dad holidaying with his kids in Majorca.

Professional fighter Iman Barlow, 26, leapt into action with her boxer boyfriend when they spotted a robbery unfolding near their hotel in Palmanova.

Iman won the Women's Super Bantamweight Title in 2017 after defeating Meryum Mergen.

The two robbers were trying to steal the victim's wrist watch worth £25,000, sadly a common occurrence here in Majorca.

But as they tried to flee the scene on a moped, world champion Iman gave chase and delivered a signature kick to one of the thugs - causing him to crash to the ground.

Boyfriend Stan Stannard, 26, an international class middleweight boxer, punched the other man and between them they were able to pin them down for ten minutes until police arrived.

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Iman, who has since returned with Stan to their home in Melton Mowbray, Leics., said: "One of the lads in our party saw it start and said 'there's a fight going on over there'."

"They ran off and as one went past me I kicked him in the chest to slow him down."

"These blokes had got off their scooter and while one held the man's wrist the other took his watch off."

"They ran off and as one went past me I kicked him in the chest to slow him down."

"He carried on running and then a young girl shouted 'he's got my dad's watch' so Stan ran after him and hit him with a left hand punch."

"Afterwards you start thinking he could have had a knife or a gun but instinct just kicked in at the time."

"The family thanked us for what we had done and they gave us 50 Euros which we didn't want to accept at first."

"When I told my dad what had happened he loved it. He couldn't believe it but he was happy that we got involved."

"My training definitely helped me have the confidence to do something when the robbery was happening."


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Biel / Hace over 2 years

Sorry, but have to disagree. If the watch had been stolen and they had found it and handed it in, then yes, a reward is called for. Doing your “public duty”, something that nowadays seems to be sadly lacking, shouldn’t call for a reward. This was a way of showing gratitude. Quite frankly, in today’s crime ridden society, walking around with expensive bling on your wrist ( and not a subtle, German engineered one worth over twice as much ) is asking for trouble.


GeorgieP. / Hace over 2 years

How does a watch get to be worth 25k? What' was he doing wearing such bling in Palmanova? No disrespect but it isn't exactly Monaco AND a shameful reward of 50€. Good on the couple though. Give them a job here. Direct action, no faffing.wish the Police could get themselves sorted on these robbery issues.


Britbabe / Hace over 2 years

Well done for helping, not everyone would have done that. Pleased to hear no-one was seriously injured as is often the case.


Marvin / Hace over 2 years

This nice couple risked their health to recover their watch for 25,000 pounds, and he wanted to give them 50 euros? Miser! :)