The Guardia Civil were called to the finca. | Redacción Sucesos


A Cala d'Or man has filed a complaint against two women for allegedly having killed one of his dogs and having stolen another.

He maintains that earlier this month he went to his finca around seven in the evening to check on his horses and two dogs. When he arrived, he noticed that a gate was open. One dog, a black and white border collie, was missing; the other was dead, apparently having been choked by a chain.

One of the two women posted on Facebook that she had gone to the finca and taken a photo of the dead dog and that if she saw another dog, she would take it away.

In German, the woman added that she and her friend had been cycling in the Santanyi area and had seen a dog chained in a finca that was fenced off and full of junk. The dog was under a scorching sun. She explained that she went to the Guardia Civil and made a report but that when she returned to the finca, the dog was dead.

She continued by saying that there were three horses and a foal in "miserable conditions" and posted the location of the finca on her Facebook page "in the hope that someone can do something". The horses, she noted, needed to be taken away "urgently". "Perhaps there are other animals on the property."

The man's lawyer considers the two women to have committed forced entry and robbery and offences against the protection of fauna.