Tourists arriving

Despite the uncertainties caused by Brexit, the number of airline seats has risen.


Airlines operating routes between UK and Balearic airports have scheduled a 29% increase in the number of seats for the low-season months. This represents a total of 1.7 million for flights from September to February.

The Balearic government's Aetib strategic tourism agency, using data from ForwardKeys, which analyses flight data, highlights the fact that, despite the uncertainties caused by Brexit, the number of seats has risen by some 350,000.

In the case of Palma's Son Sant Joan, 21.7% more seats have been programmed - up to 1.06 million. The agency suggests that there will be a particularly high percentage rise from November to February, one of 90%.

For Minorca, the increase over the six months is more than 50% to 235,241. Ibiza is up 35% to just over 400,000.

Where UK airports are concerned, the biggest percentage rise for seats to Palma is Aberdeen - a 315% increase. Then come Birmingham and Edinburgh with 58.4% and 44.7% respectively. By contrast, there are decreases for Belfast and Liverpool.

The tourism ministry, while recognising that there is a difference between the number of scheduled seats and those actually booked, says that the figures reflect a lengthening of the season and an improvement in tourism activity in the lower months.

They also point to the confidence that airlines have in the Balearics, and not just in the high season.


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Mike / Hace over 2 years

There’s more to Mallorca than just the north of the island ,Mallorca is still just a beautiful place to be whatever time of year and especially in closed season it’s warm calm and stress free you can’t beat it ,


bill / Hace over 2 years

what is the point of going to mallorca in winter when north of the island most places are closed