The helicopter that was involved in the collision.


Seven people are now confirmed to have been killed following a mid-air collision between a helicopter* and a microlight on Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred shortly after 1.30pm in an area not far from Inca Hospital. One of those to have died was a minor. Wreckage from the helicopter and microlight was strewn on fincas along the Sencelles-Sineu road.

President Armengol has expressed her shock: "our thoughts are with the victims". One of the dead, the pilot of the microlight, has been named as Juanjo Vidal, originally from Valencia.

Prime Minister Sánchez has tweeted his support and affection for the families of the victims, including a minor, who have lost their lives "in this tragic accident".

* It is confirmed to have been a helicopter and not a light aircraft, as was originally being reported.


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Ian Hannaford / Hace over 2 years

As a microlight flyer myself I find this very odd. In broad daylight with clear blue skies so 100% visibility, somebody was clearly not paying attention to the job in hand.

We are taught to constantly scan from horizon to horizon so that issue cannot happen.

R.I.P. those poor souls.