The metro is planned to be extended to Son Espases hospital by 2023. | Jaume Morey


The transport minister Marc Pons yesterday outlined the project to extend the Palma Metro to Son Espases Hospital. It will be completed before the end of 2023, will mean a journey time of fifteen minutes from the city centre and is expected to carry around 1.1 million passengers per year.

With Pons at yesterday's presentation was a representative of the joint venture consortium which has been awarded the contract for building the extension. Antoni Ribot observed that the cost could increase by as much as three times depending on whether the extension is all underground, overground or raised.

Pons said that he preferred to be cautious in giving a final cost, though an initial estimate is something over 30 million euros. Ultimately, decisions will take into account the time involved and environmental impact as well as cost.

The Son Espases extension will be in addition to that currently under way - to the ParcBit technology park. Pons added that Son Espases creates a great deal of movement of people, with around 30,000 journeys to and from the hospital each day by staff and patients.