Tornadoes in Mallorca

Tornadoes in Majorca.

10-09-2019Calviabeach jose

The Aemet met agency was spot on today. With Majorca on amber, level two alert for heavy freak storms, the torrential rain, thunder and strong winds worked their way across the island from mid-morning, reaching Palma late afternoon and soaking the city. Click to watch the video.

A number of waterspouts, tornadoes just out to sea were caught on camera.

Conditions will improve slightly tomorrow, but more rain is forecast before the weekend.

Foods and storms in Caimari, Majorca.

Foods and storms in Cala Rajada, Majorca.


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Kathryn Stych / Hace over 2 years

Vehicles driving around causing the water to wash into premises doesn´t help at all. Drivers should have more sense.


Stan / Hace over 2 years

This flooding happens every year. But areas of Mallorca are still unprepared for these "Gota Fria " deluges of rainfall.


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