Spanish president Pedro Sanchez. | Ricardo Rubio - Europa Press


Sixty-four per cent of voters in the Balearics are angered by the calling of another general election. A survey by the Balearics Institute of Social Studies has assessed sentiment, and almost two-thirds of the electorate are unhappy that they will be going to the polls again in November.

This feeling could well result in a lower turnout. The left typically suffer when this happens. For this reason, the director of the institute, Gonzalo Adán, believes that things could go against PSOE. Pedro Sánchez has insisted that he has been doing everything he can to form a government, but Adán reckons that the electorate doubts this. The acting prime minister calculated back in July that PSOE could push their number of seats in Congress up from 123 to at least 150. This is now looking less likely. (The Congress majority is 176.)

Balearics voters blame PSOE and Sánchez most for there being another election. The 51% blame apportioned to PSOE is far greater than the 24% for Podemos and Pablo Iglesias.