Juan Antonio was attacked on Halloween and required 17 stitches to his neck. | Ultima Hora


The relatives of a man who was attacked on the Paseo Marítimo in Palma on Halloween night have taken to social networks to vent their anger after the Moroccan man who allegedly cut him with a broken bottle was reportedly released by police.

"And now what, are we waiting for him to kill someone?" asked a close friend of the victim, “anyone who damages someone's physical or mental health should pay for it.”

Juan Antonio, who works in the public relations department of a leisure company in Palma, had to have 17 stitches in his neck after the attack.

“We don't care if the aggressor has a history or not,” stated his family, “or whether he was aware of what he was doing or not and we don't care about their race or his motive, nothing justifies this action.”

The defendant allegedly fled from the place after brutally beating the victim, but National Police officers later arrested him.

Juan Antonio, who was taken to hospital after the incident, reportedly positively identified the man as the person who attacked him.