Yhu and Shu, the two young women who star in the Asian series 'Spain Passion'. | POWERHOUSE


Filming has begun in Majorca for a series called "Spain Passion", which is specifically for a Chinese and South-East Asian audience. The filming in Majorca will last two weeks.

Two young Chinese women, with a Spanish male companion, visit different parts of Spain for what will be eight 45-minute episodes in all. Two episodes set in Majorca will complete the series, other locations including Cantabria, La Rioja, Madrid and Valladolid. Broadcasting, digital and conventional, will commence in May next year. The series will be emphasising history, culture, traditions and nature in Majorca and elsewhere.

There is to be a presentation of "Spain Passion" at the Fitur international tourism fair in Madrid in January. A second series is already being planned by the Spanish company Think, which is in charge of production.

Support for the series has come from leading companies, such as department store chain El Corte Inglés, from the GPRO Valparaíso Palace & Spa Hotel in Palma (which is Chinese-owned), from the Council of Majorca's Tourism Foundation and from the Majorca Film Commission.