More rain forecast for the weekend. | MDB


It?s miserable in Majorca today with very heavy rain, winds gusting up to 30 kilometres an hour and a maximum temperature of 16 degrees dropping to around 10 overnight.

It?s worse in Ibiza where the rain is relentless and the wind is gusting at 35 kilometres an hour but it is slightly warmer with a high of 18 degrees and a low of 10.

Minorca is much the same with torrential rain throughout the day, a high of 17, a low of 10 and gale force winds.

The wet weather will continue throughout the weekend in the Balearics but there will also be some dry, sunny spells.

Majorca will have a mixture of sunshine and showers on Saturday, a high of 18, a low of 11 and strong northerly winds. Sunday will be very windy too but it will be a lovely sunny day with a high of 17 and a low of 10 degrees.

Ibiza, 18 degrees and cloudy with occasional drizzle on Saturday and very breezy but it will be a nice day on Sunday and 17 degrees with 30 kilometre winds.

Minorca, partly sunny, partly cloudy with morning showers on Saturday a high of 17 and winds gusting up to 25 kilometres an hour. Sunday also 17 and cloudy with rain in the morning but it should clear up in the afternoon.

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