There is a rise in the number of jobs created by the winter sales in the Balearics. | Jaume Morey


The 2020 sales campaign will generate more than 2,970 jobs in the Commerce and Logistics sectors in the Balearic Islands during January and February, that's 4.6% more than in 2019 and 2.5% above the national average, according to a new study by Randstad.

In 2008, 2,744 employment contracts were issued but those numbers plummeted by 61% a year later and since then, apart from a blip in 2013 there’s been a steady increase over the last 12 years.

Nationwide, more than 163,300 employment contracts will be issued in January and February, which is 2.1% higher than the 159,938 signed in 2019.

The biggest increases are in Extremadura with 11.6%, followed by La Rioja with 10.9% and Comunitat Valenciana - 9.1%.

Others with growth above the national average are Andalusia at 8.7%, Castilla y León - 7.9%, Navarra - 5.5%, Aragón - 5.2 %, the Balearic Islands - 4.6%, and Asturias - 4.1%.

Those with below average growth are Cantabria - 1.6%, Region of Murcia - 1.5%, Euskadi - 0.5%, Galicia - 0.3% and the Community of Madrid - 0.1%.

The numbers are also down in the Canary Islands by 0.5%, Castilla-La Mancha fell -3.6% and Catalonia dropped by -7.2%.

Cádiz will generate the biggest growth in the country with 32.1%, which is a whopping 30 percentage points above the national average.

There is also double-digit growth in Castellón - 16.4%, Albacete - 14.5%, Salamanca - 13.1%, Huesca - 13%, Cáceres - 12.8%, Zamora - 12.1% and Badajoz - 11.1%.

Contracting will be down in Guadalajara by -14.2%, Tarragona by -11.4%, Álava by -8.8%, Barcelona by -7.9%, Las Palmas by -4.1%, Girona by -4%, Almería by -3.9% and A Coruña by -2.8%.

More than 60% of the contracts will be signed in just four communities, 29,020 in Andalusia, 25,800 in Catalonia, another 25,800 in the Community of Madrid and 21,410 in the Valencian Community.

The least amount of contracts will be signed in La Rioja with just 800 followed by Cantabria with 2,270, Navarra with 2,350 and Extremadura with 2,400.

The Commerce, Transport and Logistics Sectors are generating the most jobs in January and February and according to Randstad, Transportation and Logistics will account for 58% of the new positions, followed by Commerce with 42%.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have boosted employment, with higher demand for packing stations, forklifts, warehouses and transporters in the Logistics Sector and the need for professionals dedicated to Customer Service are also increasing, both for online and telephone service.