New Year's Day breakfast of churros and hot chocolate | P. PELLICER


After a night of eating and drinking more than usual, there’s nothing quite like a coffee or hot chocolate with ensaimadas and churros for breakfast.

A few years ago lots of cafés in Palma were open very early in the morning, but now there are fewer people on the streets and it’s really hard to find a café that’s open at dawn on the first day of the year, but not impossible.

Café Artesana near Plaça Pere Garau was open from 3 o’clock in the morning and served dozens of chocolates and coffees in the wee small hours of 2020.

“In the beginning there was a great influx of people but from 4am until 6am we had very few customers, but we can't complain,” said the owner, Juan Beltrán.

“It is difficult to say how many churros have been eaten, but definitely much more than ensaimadas and chocolate with churros is still the star breakfast of the first of the year,” he explained.

Juan said he eventually closed Artesana at noon because "you have to rest a little too.”