The Mallorca Files

Series 2 of The Mallorca Files is currently being filmed on the island.


The Palma Film Office is supervising the filming of the second series of the BBC’s “The Mallorca Files” in Palma. The town hall says that representatives from the film office have met with local production teams in order to improve coordination for filming.

There has also been a meeting with the residents association in Sa Calatrava to analyse what impact there was because of the use of public areas for filming the first series. Councillor Rodrigo Romero, who is president of the film office, explains that there is consensus that Palma as a filming location should offer “general benefits” for local businesses and those working in the audiovisual sector.

However, these benefits have to be compatible with regulations regarding occupation of the public way and with the welfare of the public when filming is occurring.


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Steve Riches / Hace over 2 years

Priceless free advertising for Mallorca. Whatever they need make sure they get it. You really do not want any busy-body pipsqueak interfering with it.


Yogi / Hace over 2 years

What does he mean by "general benefits"? Am I to guess or could you not have pressed a little further for an example or two. Is he fishing for a bung? So all goes smoothly Or Trying to get the producers to shoehorn his family into a scene? Or Get his best friend's café selected as a location? Or what?