Tourists on the beach

Tourists on the beach.

17-01-2020M.A. CAÑELLAS

The Balearic Ministry for Tourism announced this morning that they would be limiting the amount of alcohol which is served in hotels in Magalluf and Playa de Palma from next week.

The government announced that tourists would have a quota of just six alcoholic drinks per day (three with each main meal) in a move aimed at outlawing so-called booze tourism. The bombshell announcement is expected to cause some controversy especially as it is only limited to two areas of the island.

The Ministry for Tourism also said this morning that they would be looking to control the so-called party boats, which have been dubbed booze cruises and pub crawls.

More updates to follow.



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paul bryan / Hace over 2 years

but will this new law not just move the problem elsewhere


lynne harris / Hace over 2 years

I am staying at the globales palma nova hotel all inclusive is this hotel affected by the ban on alcohol. thank you


E Weldon / Hace over 2 years

If holiday makers who booked All Inclusive last June/July for this year June/July -will they only be allowed Six drinks per day?? They should get a refund or be allowed to change their booking to half board with All Inclusive refund! Yet again Mallorcan Government have made a Big Mistake! Families, Single holidaymakers and couples who just want a relaxing holiday and have booked All Inclusive last year for this summer will be very Angry when refused drink as their Booking Conditions have been Breached!


Lisa / Hace over 2 years

We booked our family holiday to Majorca last September, for aJune 2020 costing £6000+ for 7 of us, will be very disappointed if we have to buy our own drinks on top! Had we known this prior to booking would definitely have looked elsewhere which is a shame because we love Majorca for our family holiday. I understand the reasons behind the decision but can't help feeling a bit cheated


John Little / Hace over 2 years

Paul, it appears from now on when you come to a hotel in Mallorca ( at present only in the designated areas) and you fancy a drink you will have to pay for one at the hotel bar. Or you could go out and pay for one in a nearby bar. Just like almost everywhere else in the world. And Mel, you do have a point, ideally this announcement should have been made immediately at the end of last years season, ie around early November. Whatever the numbers that are affected life and tourism will go on. Breaking eggs and making cakes comes to mind. I remember when brandy was 5 or 10 centimos a glass, and in the UK I could ride my 650 BSA at 16. All things change. If these new regulations have the desired effect expect to see them rolled out across the islands.


Yogi / Hace over 2 years

Non -inclusive drinks can be sold very cheaply outside of the limits. So this plan will probably not really have much effect. The mindset of gorging yourself on free booze is a green light to too many people, young and old, to get totally hammered. This legislation will need adapting as perpetrators will try to get round this by all sorts of tricks and loop holes.


John parkinson / Hace over 2 years

Have sympathy with the hotel staff particularly bar staff when they refuse to serve a drink in an all- inclusive hotel. Can see the many shops around the hotels do a roaring trade during the day with people buying alcohol and taking back to the hotel and once again the hotel staff will have to sort out.


Robin Blackstone / Hace over 2 years

Can you clarify precisely which areas are included, is the the entirety of Calvia? Or just Magaluf?


bill / Hace over 2 years

great news they should do it all over the island


Paul / Hace over 2 years

We holiday to Playa de Palma in the winter, and it is quite a different resort to what it is in the summer months (In winter just retired German people mainly!) Why are we getting penalised with this legislation... Can't it just be implemented for peak season only (As this is when most of the trouble occurs)?

Otherwise will be yet more tourists will put off Majorca, by yet more legislation!