Road closures and advice. | Consell de Mallorca


As storm Gloria persists we are now being advised of some road closures and notices.

The old road (camí vell) at Sant Llorenç (Ma- 3323), Vilafranca de Bonany to Manacor (Ma- 15) are currently flooded and inaccessible.

The torrente at Sant Llorenç

The Manacor to Cales de Mallorca road (Ma- 4015), the Maria de la Salut to Llubí road (Ma- 3513), the Manacor-Sa Comuna road (Ma- 3321), the Montuïri a Pina (Ma- 3201) and the Sant Llorenç to Son Carrió road (Ma 4022) from km 1 to km 5.5 are flooded and extreme caution is advised.

Flooded road in Son Severa

There have been rock slides on the Alaró-Orient road and it is inaccessible. It is recommended to avoid driving on mountain roads.

Rock slides on the Alaro to Orient road

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