Colin Francis Duffy. | R.L.


An audio tape of a man allegedly trying to buy weapons from a British Secret Service Agent in Santa Ponsa on August 13 has been played at a trial in Belfast.

Colin Francis Duffy, Harry Joseph Fitzimmons and Alex McCrory are accused of belonging to the IRA and preparing to carry out terrorist attacks.

On the audio tape from Santa Ponsa the undercover agent strikes up a conversation with Colin Francis Duffy after asking him for a light for his cigarette and pretends to be a rich businessman from Eastern Europe who’s on holiday in Majorca with his girlfriend.

Mr Duffy tells the undercover agent he heard him talking about the war in Bosnia and saying that he had tanks, then asks if he can get more than just tanks.

The two also discuss the possibility of supplying RPG rockets, explosives, AK47 assault rifles and bulletproof vests and agree that transporting weapons could be problematic. The undercover agent then says they could be delivered in small batches for around £250,000.

A few months after the recordings were made a police convoy was attacked in Belfast and the three defendants have been charged in connection with that incident.

All three men deny the charges against them.