The San Pedro site has deteriorated badly over the years. | Assumpta Bassa


A Palma court has confirmed the order for the demolition of the San Pedro Camping complex in Colonia Sant Pere. An appeal by the owners, UPA S.A., has been rejected.

In 2006, the Council of Majorca issued the demolition order for a site which, in the 1990s, was extremely popular. It has been closed for years and its condition has deteriorated badly. In 2002, the Iniciativa Verds party, which is now part of Més, denounced the complex. In the '90s, 88 prefabricated bungalows were developed. These were permanent fixtures, and as such they were considered by the Iniciativa Verds and others to have been illegal. Moreover, it was impossible to make them legal.

The Council initially fined the owners 937,000 euros. This fine was eventually lowered by the Balearic High Court to just 17,293 euros. Nevertheless, the demolition order stood.

Six years after the Council's order was issued, the matter was being appealed in the courts. A further seven, now getting on for eight years, and the appeal has been dismissed.