Inca Town Hall has already received written notification of the start of the project, as well as a document requesting a report on the suitability for use. | Ultima Hora


The Can Beltran leather factory in Inca is being converted into an International Artists Residence.

Exfàbrica plans to remodel the space into studios where artists, designers and architects can develop their projects.

“The project will also include creative spaces for local talent, such as artisans, artists, designers and architects, putting them in touch with international artists to help find new ways of development in Inca and the Raiguer.”

The factory will be shut down and all of the contents removed from the premises within the next four months and Inca City Council has already been notified about the project.


Exfàbrica also intend to "establish collaborations with all the institutions and entities in Inca to give more strength to the projects that are being developed."

They’re also keen to work with schools, saying "creativity linked to education can contribute to social integration and give students new tools for the future."

“We believe in Inca and hope that thanks to initiatives like this, the residents will be proud of their city. We must not forget the artisanal and creative wealth of the inhabitants of this city,” said an Exfàbrica spokesperson.

The Councillor of Urbanisme, Andreu Caballero, agrees and says the International Artists Residence is great news for the city.

“It is very interesting that the space will be devoted to creation and innovation. It is a symptom of the dynamism of our city.”

A Large Space

The International Artists Residence will be installed in one of the two wings of the 2-storey Calzados Beltrán factory which measures 1,600 square metres and also has a 100 square metre patio and a large house.